Scholarship Program

What It Is
The Yankton College Scholarship Program awards two types of scholarships, General and Post-Graduate to deserving students each academic year to use at an accredited college or university. 

To receive the financial aid, applications are due in February, then reviewed and ranked on the basis of merit and criteria from blinded applications in March.  The recipients receive the scholarship awards in May and the scholarship funds are dispersed in August, unless notified otherwise. 

Consider providing the means of a Yankton College scholarship application to eligible students in your circle of friends or family who could use the financial assistance.  Eligible students are encouraged to apply by submitting an application no later the February deadline.  Applicants must, either, have: 1) a family relationship to Yankton College alumni, former faculty or staff; or 2) a family friend, teacher, or a United Church of Christ pastor with a connection to Yankton College recommend an applicant, or 3) be a Yankton College graduate, former student, faculty or staff.  A connection to Yankton College is valuable criteria to the application procedure and the YC staff are eager to assist with finding a connection.  

Scholarship funding comes from the kindness and generosity of Yankton College alumni and friends who are inspired by the positive influences of Yankton College and its programs.  Goals of the Yankton College Scholarship Program are to perpetuate the Yankton College tradition of liberal arts in higher education; support deserving young persons who have shown outstanding promise; apply discretionary funds to a higher function and promote the memory and reputation of Yankton College. 

Download either application online: 2024-2025 General Scholarship Application or 2024-2025 Post-Graduate Scholarship Application .  Or, pick one up at the Yankton College business office at 82 Mickelson Drive, third floor, in Yankton and share with those seeking scholarship opportunities. The Yankton College office is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  For further information, contact Yankton College, by phoning toll-free (866) 665-3661.

Establishing A Named Scholarship

In Perpetuity 

The opportunity to provide a gift to Yankton College in your name or a loved one will truly make a difference in the lives of college-bound students and provide a legacy for generations to come.  A minimum of $25,000 is an ideal contribution to help ensure the  long-term sustainability of a named scholarship.  These charitable gifts are invested with professional fund managers selected for their expertise in various sectors of the market.


These scholarships are set up by donations that are not large enough to generate interest to perpetuate them.  As many new scholarships will be given as the predetermined scholarship increment allows and as many annually as funding and the Yankton College scholarship determines.  The donor(s) will determine the name, in memory of a loved one or in the name of a special group. 

For more information, contact the Yankton College business office, phone toll-free: (866) 665-3661.