Alumni Advisory Board

As We Are Fewer More Needs To Be Done

Members of the 2019 Alumni Advisory Board pictured from the left are: Sandra (MacTavish ’71) Gross, Gary Ward ’71, Marian Danforth-White ’71, Paul Rehfuss ’61, Allen Koliner ’74, Becky (Gowery ’80) Huser, Secretary, Cindy (Meyer ’65) Filips, Peter O’Toole ’71, Chair, Sue (Notheis ’79) Kemnitz, Virgil Andersen ’65, Vice-Chair, David Welch ’69, Doug Paterson ’68, Bruce Blankley ’72 and Warren Peterson ’63. AAB members not pictured: Ron Bertsch ’65, Rick Evans ’75, Dennis Lokken ’69, Fred McGrath ’75, Peg Vranesh ’76) Michael, George Schermerhorn ’74, Rand Schuft ‘x66, Dennis Steffen ’85 and  Andy Youngworth x’81.

The primary responsibilities of the Alumni Advisory Board are:

  1.  Develop constructive ideas as to how the office can be of service to the alums.
  2.  Help implement the forming of regional Yankton College groups.
  3.  Establish a group of volunteers who could help the alumni office with reunions, mailings and preservation.
  4. Promote alumni participation in the funding of scholarships and other projects in higher education.
  5. Continue the presenting of awards to alums for achievement, service and pro causa.
  6. Elect a representative to the Yankton College Board of Trustees, which may be the Chair or his/her designee.
  7. Encourage giving

The Yankton College Alumni Advisory Board meets twice a year, in April and in September, to foster the Yankton College alumni relations, its primary function.  To apply for the Alumni Advisory Board, fill out the AAB application and send to the Yankton College business office at PO Box 133, Yankton, SD  57078.   

Alumni Advisory Board Members
Peter O’Toole ’71, Fayetteville, NC, Chair
Virgil Andersen ’65, Sioux Falls, SD, Vice-Chair
Becky Huser ’80, Sioux City, IA, Secretary
Ron Bertsch ’65, Yankton, SD
Bruce Blankley ’72, Rapid City, SD
Marian Danforth-White ’71, El Segundo, CA
Rick Evans ’75, Garden City, KS 
Cynthia Filips ’65, Yankton, SD
Sandra Gross ’70, Cordova, TN 
Susan Kemnitz ’79, Platte, SD
Allen Koliner ’74, Yankton, SD 
Dennis Lokken ’69, Sioux City, IA
Fred McGrath ’75, St. Paul, MN
Peg Michael ’76, Yankton, SD
Doug Paterson ’68, Omaha, NE
Warren Peterson, ’63, Yankton, SD
George Schermerhorn, Yankton, SD
Rand Schuft x’66, Rapid City, SD
Dennis Steffen ’85, Noble, OK
Gary Ward ’71, Viborg, SD
David Welch ’69, Sioux Falls, SD
Andy Youngworth x’81, Carthage, MO

For more information, contact the Yankton College business office, phone toll-free (866) 665-3661.