Board of Trustees

The Stewards of Yankton College

Members of the Yankton College Board of Trustees are from the left: Sandra (McTavish ’70) Gross, Vice-Chair Joan Neubauer, Bill Bobzin ’65, Vicki (Wilken ’79) Lehrman, Peter O’Toole ’71, Chair Lee Gass, Virgil Andersen ’65, Dawn Jones ’81, Glenn Clark ’84, President Joseph Ward, Monte Farnsworth ’76 and Ted Powell ’78. BOT members not pictured: Samantha Houser (UCC), Dennis Lokken ’69, Rand Schuft x’66 and Andy Youngworth x’81.

The Yankton College Board of Trustees meet at least once a year to carry out the goals and Mission Statement of the College, as well as to work diligently to ensure the long-term health of the College investment funds.  




Yankton College re-affirms its proud heritage

by looking to the future to find new ways

to further its support of a liberal arts philosophy;

to develop moral and ethical character and the whole person;

to support individuals to be successful in their chosen careers;

and to instill the attitude that education is a life-long process.



Board of Trustees:

Mr. Lee Gass ’80, Yankton, SD, Chair

Dr. Joan Neubauer ’57, Yankton, SD, Vice-Chair

Dr. Joseph Ward III ’66, Gainesville, FL, President

Mr. Virgil Andersen ’65, Sioux Falls, SD          

Dr. William Bobzin ’65, Yankton, SD     

Mr. Glenn Clark ’84, Columbia, MO         

Mr. Monte Farnsworth ’76, Pierre, SD           

Ms. Sandra Gross, Cordova ’70, TN   

Rev. Samantha Houser, Sioux Falls, SD, UCC 

Rev. Dawn Jones ’81, Brookings, SD 

Ms. Vicki Lehrman, ’79, Spencer, SD           

Mr. Dennis Lokken ’69, Sioux City, IA           

Mr. Peter O’Toole ’71, Fayetteville, NC, AAB Appointee

Mr. Ted Powell ’78, Yankton, SD, UCC Appointee

Mr. Rand Schuft x’66, Rapid City, SD  

Mr. Andy Youngworth x’81, Carthage, MO          

Board of Trustees Emeritus

Mr. William Blount x’60, Prescott, AZ      

Dr. Kenneth Jones, Yankton, SD      

Dr. Chuck Levinger x’52, Yankton, SD     

Rev. Paul Opsahl, ’57/BTh’58, Sioux Falls, SD