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May 6, 2021

Board Announces 2021-22 Scholarship Recipients

The Yankton College Board of Trustees is pleased to announce the names of deserving students who are the recipients of a named scholarship from the Yankton College Scholarship Program valued from $500 to $2,500 each to use at an accredited college or university during the 2021-22 school year.  

Graduating seniors and post-graduate students from nationwide submitted their applications by the February deadline that were then redacted and reviewed by a designated Yankton College Scholarship Committee.  The 2021 recipients earned points from their scholastic merit, writing skills and most importantly having, either:  a) a family relationship to Yankton College alumni, former faculty or staff; or b) a family friend, teacher, pastor or other person with a connection to Yankton College to recommend the applicant. 

The 2021 general scholarships and their recipients with the Yankton College connections are: 

The Charles A. Alseth Scholarship: Sydney Lapp, Bismarck, ND – Karen (Nielsen x’57) Lapp, Grandmother; Leighton Borin ’43, Grandmother’s cousin; (Mrs. Leighton) Jane (Young ’43) Borin, Grandmother’s Cousin by marriage; Calvin Eppinger, Marlborough, CT – Robert Eppinger ’71, Grandfather; Brooke (Heller ’69) Eppinger, Grandmother.

The Eva & Dale Andersen Family Scholarship: Grace Christensen, Yankton, SD – Paul Rehfuss ’61/Admissions Counselor 1962-68, Grandfather; Cathryn Rehfuss, Nurse Health Services 1974-84, Grandmother; Jennifer Powell ’77, Neighbor.

The Bennett-Walter Scholarship: Emmeline Metz, Chino Valley, AZ – Gene Metz x’65, Grandfather; Dorothy Metz ’46, Great Aunt; Anders Ripley, Northfield, MN – Linda (Humeston ’71) Ripley, Grandmother; Mary (Bryan ’44) Humeston, Great-grandmother; James Humeston ’46, Great-grandfather; Samuel Haines, Lancaster, PA – Mary (Holmes ’71) Carlson, Great-Aunt.

The Brown-Daniels Scholarship: Grace Milhaupt, Burnsville, MN – Karen (Nielsen x’57) Lapp, Grandmother; Leighton Borin ’43, Third Cousin; (Mrs. Leighton) Jane (Young ’43) Borin, Third Cousin by marriage; Kennedy Bietz, Tripp, SD – Ruth Mogck, ’47, Maternal great-grandmother.

The Carl & Cle Youngworth Scholarship: Emma Christensen, Yankton, SD – Paul Rehfuss ’61/Admissions Counselor 1962-68, Grandfather; Cathryn Rehfuss, Nurse Health Services 1974-84, Grandmother; Jennifer Powell ’77, Neighbor; Ashton Merrill, Armstrong, IA – Betty Lou (Stoll ’67) Jones, Cheer Coach; Larry Jones ’66, Friend; Aryn Meiners, Yankton, SD – Anna (Neyens) King ’39, Great-Grandmother; Carol King ’76, Great-Aunt.

The Class of 1962 Scholarship: Gabriella Hamvas, Princeton, MN – Lewis Hamvas, Music Faculty 1954-84, Grandfather; Carol (Eschliman’56) Hamvas, Campus Nurse 1954-55, Grandmother.

The Nell & LaVerne Tollefson Scholarship: Kylie Schneider, Crooks, SD – Paul Schaefer ’72, Grandfather; Walter Schaefer ’60, Great Uncle; Ken Schaefer ’73, Family Friend; Kaylene Sauer x’88, Cousin; Alvina (Schaefer ’65) Knispel, Great Aunt; Louise (Schaefer ’66) Leone, Great Aunt; Edward Schaefer ’63, Great Uncle.

Inspirational One-Time Award: Elena Permann, Tacoma, WA – Delbert Permann ’59/BTh’60, Grandfather; Erika Schenk, Dakota Dunes, SD – William Schenk ’23, Great-grandfather; Alexander Boswell, Larchmont, NY – Douglas Bloom ’75, Neighbor.

The Robinson-Dixon Family Scholarship: Tristan Redman, Yankton, SD – Jennifer Powell ’77, Friend; Ted Powell ’78, Friend; Lee Gass ’80, Friend; Suzan (Rasmussen ’80) Gass.

The Rev. Dr. Donald B. Ward Scholarship: Maddison Barnhart, Yankton, SD – Selection by YHS.

The Isabel Reedy-Sattler Scholarship: Kiah Holmstrom, Yankton, SD – Selection by YHS.

 The Hod & Anita Nielsen Memorial Scholarship: Halle Stephenson, Yankton, SD – Selection by YHS.

The Bement Scholarship (Post-Graduate): Rob Ward, Ellwood City, PA – J. Ward I, Great-great Grandfather, YC Founder and President; Sarah Wood Ward, Great-great Grandmother, wife of J. Ward I and YC Co-Founder; Donald B. Ward, Sr. 1900, Great Grandfather; Margaret Ward, Honorary Doctorate ’38, Great-great Aunt, daughter of Sarah and J. Ward I; J. Ward II ’30, Grandfather; Lorene (Tucker ’30) Ward, Grandmother; Mary (Ward ’31) Neuman, Great Aunt; Donald B. Ward, Jr., Great Uncle, YC President 1962-69; J. Ward III ’66, Father, YC President 2015 – present; Lorelee (Ward ’57) Biggs, Aunt; Mari (Ward x’68 ) McCarty, 1st Cousin; Robert Ward ‘39, 2nd Cousin; Ethel (Flint ’41) Ward, wife of 2nd cousin; Gary Ward ’71, 3rd Cousin; Nancy (Waltmire x’74) Ward, wife of 3rd cousin; Alan Ward ’69, 3rd Cousin and Rhea (Ward x’74) Hulbert, 3rd Cousin.

The Dr. Richard G. Sherman Scholarship (Post-Graduate): Katrina Callahan, Hartford, SD – Carol (White ’83) Callahan, Mother; Thomas White x’80, Uncle; Paul Schaefer ’72, Friend; L.J. Fenton ’82, Friend; Saretha (Jones ’81) McGregor, Friend.

The Dr. Fritz A. Brink Scholarship (Post-Graduate): Erik Johansen, Clearwater, FL – Ward Johansen ’76, Father; Marian Danforth-White ’71, Staff 1971-73, Cousin; Sandra (MacTavish’70) Gross, Faculty/Coach 1972-78, BOT 1998-present, Vice-Chair BOT, 2020 – present, Cousin; David Gross, Faculty 1977-82, BOT 1981-82, Cousin by marriage.

The named-scholarships are endowed from the kindness and generosity of Yankton College alumni or their family members in memory or in honor of individuals or a group inspired by the positive influences of Yankton College.

The goals of the Yankton College Scholarship Program are to perpetuate the College tradition of liberal arts in higher education, support deserving young persons who have shown outstanding promise, apply discretionary funds to a higher function and promote the memory and reputation of Yankton College. 

Yankton College alumni are encouraged to provide a Yankton College scholarship application to eligible students in their family or circle of friends. Their connection to YC is a valuable addition to the application procedure.  Download an application online at or contact the Yankton College office at (605) 665-3661 and share with those seeking scholarship opportunities.  The next application deadline is February 25, 2022.  



Yankton College All-Class Reunion

July 14-16, 2022

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 Thursday, July 14, 2022

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