Yankton College FOREVER  

To keep the face of Yankton College observable.’  

 – The results of a 2012 YC legacy survey

Through the years since Yankton College was founded by Dr. Joseph and Sarah Wood Ward – students and graduates have raised up to praise our alma mater.  Every year we have underscored our belief and certainty that Yankton College is – and was – NOT just another school.  It holds a myriad of meanings for those who attended: a place of aspiration; a place offering performance and educational opportunities; a place where we found ourselves and, in many cases, our life mates; a place which inspired us to fulfill our potential and provide leadership to others; a place of inspiration and dedication.  

Even now, we are not willing to allow the legacy which is Yankton College to perish, as we mortals must.  We have banded together and committed to one another that we will establish a legacy whereby Yankton College will outlive us and our followers.  And that legacy is the Yankton College Alumni & Educational Center which will be housed on the third floor of the historic Mead Cultural Center in Yankton, South Dakota. 

Be a part of this historical opportunity. 

Yankton College Memorabilia Abounds! 

Proof of YC’s Legacy To Be Displayed Museum Style In YC’s Future Home

1924 2 Mile Relay Track Trophy
1966-67 Tri-State Championship Greyhound Football
Greyhound Basketball Dog House Trophy
Kingsbury Dormitory T-Shirt Referencing Alice Kingsbury
1933 Miss Pioneer Hand-Made Dress
Greyhound Letter Jacket
Yankton College Article of Incorporation 1881
Ward Family Dinner Service Mid 19th Century
Ward Family Dinner Service Mid 19th Century
Professional Archivist Jerry Handfield ’66 Assess the YC Historical Collection  
Historian and professional archivist, F. Gerald “Jerry” Handfield, Jr. ’66 accepted a request to spend five days at the YC office assessing the current conditions of the Yankton College archives and its artifacts. The summons to “help” Yankton College was offered when Jerry, who resides in San Diego, CA, returned to his alma mater for the 2016 All-Class Reunion in Yankton, along with his brother, Jim Handfield x’69, from Abbott, Maine. Plans were negotiated and Jerry eagerly returned the next spring “to the College that influenced his life forever” to assist in preserving its records and memories.  While here, Handfield also trained YC staff on necessary archival tips.  Ones that he has used as the appointed archivist for both states of Indiana and Washington during his esteemed career. In his assessment, Handfield wrote: “the YC Collection is in remarkably good condition.”  He went on to report that the collection contains all the ingredients to establish an exciting and entertaining educational exhibit.  He concluded with: “When Yankton College closed in 1984, its mission of “building character” and spreading the light and values of a liberal arts education from the “College on the Hill” did not end. The new College (“Without Walls”) demands the preservation of the Yankton College Archives for many generations in order that they may see the world-wide ripples created by Joseph Ward.”     
    Handfield, April 2017


For more information, contact the Yankton College business office toll-free (866) 665-3661.